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Using Banjo to Create Direct Mail With Marketo

Written By Frank Strube

July 13, 2023

In our previous blog posts, we showed you how to create a Marketo Segmentation and use it to build a personalized landing page and an email campaign. We’ll wrap up the series and make this a truly cross-channel experience by introducing a direct mail touchpoint that leverages the same Segmentation as the online components of the campaign.

With Banjo, you can easily create custom direct mail campaigns that are based on your Marketo Segmentations. Banjo Campaigns are associated with a specific template. Think of a Banjo Campaign as a queue of data simply waiting to be merged together with the template and turned into a PDF document that will ultimately be printed and mailed.

To get off the ground with Banjo and Marketo, you need to first create a Webhook for your Banjo Campaign. To do this, follow the instructions that appear on every Banjo Campaign when you click on the “Webhook Configuration” button.

Once you have set up your Webhook, we can use it to create Marketo Smart Campaigns. The trick to using a Segmentation with your Banjo direct mail workflow is to use the Segmentation Filters in the Smart Campaign’s Smart List.

Here are some tips for integrating Banjo direct mail with your Marketo campaigns:

  • Consider making the Banjo Campaign identifier in the Webhook URL a Marketo Token. This will allow you to repurpose the Webhook across multiple Banjo Campaigns.
  • The Marketo Unique Code that is used for Landing Page personalization is a special field that cannot be retrieved via the Marketo API. To make it accessible to Banjo, you need to send it in the Payload Template of the Webhook. Alternatively, you can create a Custom Field and use a Smart Campaign that triggers whenever a person is created in Marketo and copy the Marketo Unique Code to the Custom Field.

Creating a cross-channel marketing campaign with Marketo Segmentations is a powerful way to improve your customer engagement and drive better results. By using Segmentation data to create targeted emails, personalized landing pages, and custom direct mail campaigns, you can provide your customers with a more personalized and relevant experience in every channel, which will help to improve their engagement with your brand.

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