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Get Lean, Ditch Inventory, and Move to POD Swag

Written By Jorgine Vick

February 26, 2021

Each month, the inventory bill rolls around—the bill that companies pay to keep stacks of t-shirts, boxes of pens, and cases of mugs on the shelves to eventually include in a welcome kit when it’s time to onboard a new team member. Maybe for your group it’s baseball caps for brokers, portable chargers for donors, or popsockets for subscribers. Whatever it is that you’re inventorying, it’s creating the swag dilemma

Stickers for the More Vang Ragnar team

Especially today, customers are hungry for physical touchpoints. Experiential packaging can satisfy that need, but the swag that goes in these packages isn’t always a time- or cost-efficient solution. There is a gap between brands wanting to send their customers fun and exciting swag and their ability to do so in a way that is also smart for the bottom line. The problem? Inventorying package contents is expensive, collateral can quickly become irrelevant, and facilitating fulfillment is time-consuming. Is it really worth it?

The answer is yes—with caveats. Let’s do swag, but let’s make it highly relevant. Let’s make it timely, personal, and dynamic. Let’s make it worth your money. Let’s make it print-on-demand (POD).

POD swag gives our clients flexibility. It’s one of the best ways to optimize print. Rather than ordering items with high minimum quantities, which lock your company in for years, POD allows you to stay light on your feet and produce printed products that are meaningful today, rather than guessing about shelf-life and the future needs of your brand. What’s more, you create only what you need when you need it, avoiding waste and furthering your sustainability goals. 

Moving to print-on-demand swag allows you to send gifts that supplement and match your current marketing efforts. Collateral can be personalized, it can reference current events, and it can add value. Some of our favorite POD swag options include:

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  1. Custom printed puzzles
  2. Personalized note cards/stationery
  3. Calendars
  4. Stickers/decals
  5. Christmas ornaments
  6. Coasters
  7. Spiral notebooks
  8. Wood nameplates 

Let’s do swag but be smart about it. The possibilities—and savings—are endless when it comes to shifting to print-on-demand. Interested in brainstorming ideas? Give us a shout.