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When it Comes to Customer Engagement, Shoot for the Stars

Written By More Vang

February 3, 2020

The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial services company that provides investment advice to consumers that is always intelligent and unafraid to break with conventional wisdom.

Supernova, one of the Fool’s top products, bundles an array of services dedicated to guiding members toward financial success.

Previous testing showed that retention rates plummeted when members weren’t at a certain level of engagement with the product. The more informed they were, and the more comfortable they felt that their finances were in trusted hands, the longer they renewed their membership.

Our job was to create a kit to onboard new Supernova members and provide them with clear next steps to keep them engaged rather than overwhelmed. Inside the kit were missions—codenamed Odyssey 1 and Phoenix 2—for the members to complete. And each step along the way was broken down into an easily digestible, doable goal. To familiarize members with the Fool team, we included financial advisors’ pictures and names and introduced them as Captains of each mission.

We also sent a certificate for the star we bought in their name. Yes, an actual star in the sky that will forever be theirs.

Even before the Fool saw an uptick in retention rates, we knew we delivered with this project. Michele Hansen, the Product Manager, told us, “ We really love the kits. Everyone is so impressed. They really communicate the trust that we were hoping to get across.”

Building trust is a key step in creating belief in your brand. People want to see a tangible representation of their investment. This type of onboarding kit is just one way of using direct mail to cultivate informed, engaged customers.