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To Succeed in Sports Marketing, Influence the Influencers

Written By More Vang

February 17, 2018

New Balance makes superbly designed and exquisitely engineered athletic shoes and other sports apparel. It is, without question, one of the world’s top athletic brands. But in an age of social media, even a big name like New Balance can’t guarantee a viral hit. And all the awareness and influence that comes from having one. That was the goal when they approached us to help get the word out about their latest products.

Luckily, when your fans include Team New Balance, some of the planet’s most elite athletes playing for top teams in all the pro leagues, you just give them a custom kit of cool, new apparel, point them in the direction of the nearest social media platform, and let nature take its course. And as we all know, it can get pretty viral out there. Especially if you do it right.

We began by designing, engineering, and delivering customized kits to star athletes’ homes, lockers, and stadiums, without them knowing what was in them. Or even that they were coming. The athletes filmed the reveals, howls of delight and all, and put them on social media.

That’s how we introduced New Balance’s Fresh Foam shoes to some of their Major League Baseball stars during spring training. And encouraged Team New Balance runners in the Boston Marathon. And cheered on Olympic track superstar, Trayvon Bromell. Customized kits, must-have shoes, and eye-catching, tailor-made packaging. Great reasons to post and expand the New Balance legend.

While there’s no guarantee for a campaign going viral, there are ways to increase the likelihood. We live in a celebrity-obsessed society largely driven by social media. Especially among younger demographic groups. All this has given rise to influencer marketing, where products are promoted, either directly or indirectly, by stars with huge followings. When you give those stars exceptional products, like the New Balance Custom Kits, and provide them with the tools to put out engaging social posts, you leave a lot less to chance.