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To get in with brokers, make sure you stand out.

Written By More Vang

May 25, 2021

Avison Young needed to promote their newly renovated office space at Franklin Square to brokers already bombarded with an endless stream of ads, flyers and other marketing materials.

Commercial real estate marketing has to cut through the clutter and be noticed by a group of people whose attention is under almost constant assault.

To make sure brokers would know about this sleek, new property, we created a memorable unboxing experience. A dimensional mailer, as sophisticated as the building itself, too hard to ignore and too inviting not to unwrap.

Once designed, our experiential graphics team put together an ornate box that just begged to be opened. Inside was a beautifully written and elegantly designed brochure which, when picked up by the broker, revealed an offer for a $75 thank you gift card. A reward sure to get the broker community talking, and in so doing, promote the building as well.

We integrated the packaging call-to-action with the Franklin Square website for an interactive experience. This not only drove traffic to the site but also allowed the leasing team to control the number of gift cards redeemed by each broker and track who was opening and reading their marketing materials.

A good creative strategy—in this case rewarding people for their desired behavior—can overcome even the toughest commercial real estate marketing challenge. It’s not easy getting through to brokers.

But if you can come up with a strong, simple idea, and execute it flawlessly, you’re halfway there.