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To Command Attention, Send an Experience

Written By More Vang

August 24, 2019

Audi Financial Services needed to announce their rebrand to participating and prospective automotive dealers—who just happen to be a very busy, hard-to-pin-down audience—in a way that would command attention and generate excitement.

So we created a high-end dealer kit that reflected the care and attention that goes into every Audi with fine details like foils, varnishes, debossing embedded throughout.

Audi Financial Services repositioned themselves to dealers as an essential element in “The Complete Audi Experience.” The message drives home the unique similarity between AFS and dealers: Unlike any other financial institution trying to sell mortgages and loans, the most important line item for AFS is the sale of Audi vehicles.

To do justice to this powerful messaging identity and grab the attention of busy car dealers, we didn’t just send them a standard announcement. We sent an experience. 

We introduced them to five new brand icons that exemplify the AFS pillars—speed, clarity, expertise, simplicity, and trust—through a high-end, high-touch dimensional mail kit. They received a debossed journal that explained the meaning of the new positioning, along with a comprehensive rundown of the AFS suite of services.

And of course, an elegant mug for that cup of energy dealers need on an active lot.

The kit reflected the care and attention that goes into every Audi—and every conversation dealers have with their dedicated, on-brand financial services provider.