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Relevant Marketing at Scale for WoodSpring Suites

Written By More Vang

June 15, 2021

WoodSpring Suites is a network of franchised, independently operated extended stay hotels with 300 locations nationwide. With so many locations, each with different featured amenities, it’s no wonder that maintaining brand consistency isn’t easy. They needed a way to create relevant marketing at scale.

Before they started using our print asset management tool, Banjo, each WoodSpring hotel created their own marketing collateral using disparate and sometimes outdated brand assets, and they often printed things locally, which resulted in varying quality across their collateral. 

Working closely with the corporate marketing team, we built an extensive template and asset library in Banjo following the WoodSpring brand guidelines. We could have simply created generic marketing materials, but WoodSpring recognized that their franchises are all different and serve a range of guests. Each market and audience segment has unique needs and motivations, so a single marketing message wouldn’t work for everyone. Instead, they identified their top customer personas and created copy and image groups that speak directly to them. 

This level of customization gives WoodSpring hotel owners and operators the freedom to create collateral unique to their property as well as the audience they’re targeting. For example, hotels near military bases might want to highlight that they’re a perfect option for military personnel looking for a great place to stay within their per diem budget. 

With Banjo, WoodSpring Suites was able to centralize all of their marketing collateral while providing maximum flexibility and maintaining brand control—a win-win-win!

Users have the ability to customize and order everything from property flyers and construction banners to cable channel guides and promotional materials–all with approved brand assets, images and copy. They can highlight amenities specific to their hotel, promote local specials, and even create Spanish versions of their materials.

And with the ability to place users into groups with different permission levels, the corporate team can effectively manage who has access to what materials, who can update brand assets, and who can approve orders. 

Most importantly, hotel owners and operators can create marketing materials that resonate with their local community and highlight what makes their property special—all while adhering to and strengthening the WoodSpring brand.