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Practice empathy and #embracetheswamp

Written By More Vang

October 15, 2019

We’ve talked a lot recently about the meaning of empathy and how we use it to do our best work. You can read more about our thoughts on empathy here, here, or here. (We might have a slight obsession.)

As part of our “campaign for a better understanding of empathy,” we’ve decided to have a little fun. Starting this Thursday, October 17th, we will be launching a series of posts on Instagram and Facebook aimed at creating some empathy for our dear, battered city. We’re affectionately calling this campaign #embracetheswamp.

Each week, we’ll be highlighting places around the DMV that are more than what they seem. On the surface, they may appear mundane—you could walk past them every day without a second glance (maybe you have). But when you take the time to understand the stories beneath the surface, that’s when the magic happens. Some things are worth the effort.

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