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Modern Meets Vintage at Pacers Navy Yard

Written By More Vang

October 6, 2020

The original Boilermaker building, where boilers for Navy ships were once manufactured, underwent a massive renovation in 2011 to make way for new shopping and dining options. The Boilermaker Shops opened in 2012 and serves as the retail heart of The Yards.

Carved out of this former industrial naval building, the Pacers Navy Yard store presented a space filled with quirks and odd-sized spaces begging to be made useful. The design of the store is all about juxtaposing the old with the new, mixing modern and vintage, and our client wanted to reflect that in the store’s signage and decor. What’s more, they wanted to create an inviting gathering place for the local running community.

We brought their vision to life with a cohesive space that paid homage to the history of the building but presented modern features for interaction with customers. 

A two-story bulkhead became a tribute with a large-scale image of the original Boilermaker building, overlaid with the DC flag. An empty wall transformed into a whiteboard map where runners can draw out running trails and share information for meet-ups. Finally, we highlighted the cash register using common materials to create a crisp metal sign backlit with rope lighting.