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Join us on August 8th

Written By More Vang

July 28, 2020

In May, we announced that we had acquired the assets, talents and expertise of Ecoprint in an effort to shift our print and experiential manufacturing operations towards sustainability. Through our work with Ecoprint, we are learning more about a broad spectrum of environmental concerns, as well as concrete ways for each of us to improve our own personal and professional habits. 

Last Friday, Ecoprint published the first in a series of reports that will provide a basic introduction to several of our biggest sustainability challenges. The first issue of Ecoprint Insights focuses on the growing issue of e-waste. In our search for finding a proper disposal site, we learned just how big a problem e-waste is. Once you read this report, you might pause on that latest cell phone upgrade and become an advocate for more sustainably designed devices.

On August 8th, Ecoprint will host an electronics recycling day at the new Ecoprint facility just down the road from More Vang headquarters. For a small fee, you can responsibly dispose of your obsolete phones, laptops, computers, and tablets. The event is being run in partnership with ForestPlanet and eRecyc. Details on the event can be found here

We hope you will join us on August 8th as well as in our larger quest for understanding and change.