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In Commercial Real Estate, You Always Want a Full House

Written By Catherine McLean

March 10, 2022

One of the biggest challenges in commercial real estate is capturing brokers’ attention. There’s so much competing for their time—you need to really stand out to break through.

When it came time for Avison Young to promote their new building at 455 Mass. Ave., they knew they needed to send something more engaging than a brochure. The team wanted to create a high-end promotional package for 100 select brokers teasing the building renovations coming in the spring. It was essential the package be memorable and unique, something not easily forgotten or set aside.

Avison Young came up with the idea to create two sets of playing cards with an art deco theme, drawing inspiration from the artwork in the building’s lobby. They needed help, however, designing the packaging and unboxing experience. Collaborating with our Experiential Graphics team, Avison chose high-end finishes that showcased the art deco design while conveying a level of luxury that’s impossible to ignore.

The final package included:

  • a clamshell box wrapped in a matte navy vinyl and embossed with the 455 building logo in a gold foil on the top
  • a foam insert printed with an art deco pattern and with two cut-outs to hold the card decks securely in place
  • two different different card decks, one in navy and one in white, printed with metallic gold ink on the line art
  • a printed clear polyethylene cover 
  • a card highlighting some of the renovations, complete with a QR code to the property’s website
  • a gold foil embossed belly band

The various components were assembled and then shrink wrapped to create a sleek and luxurious promotional package worthy of Gatsby himself. 

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