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If There’s One Thing We Know, it’s How to Throw a Party

Written By More Vang

April 17, 2018

Volkswagen Credit, Inc. and Audi Financial Services asked us to entice car dealers to two related events—their auction pre-party and auction lane—at a major annual meeting in Orlando.

We asked an obvious question: what’s the date? Their response: March 17. We didn’t have a second question. We had a German-accented St. Patrick’s Day party to plan.

Our creative team imagined how Germans would throw a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. We anointed it Patoberfest.

The announcement and reminder emails showed a pot of gold, Tyrolean hat, and a Beetle at the end of a rainbow.

We created a tartan by combining the vertical Irish flag and the horizontal German flag. The tartan was used for table tents that held our event-specific drink menu, placemats with an event-centric quiz, napkins, buttons, matchbooks, and coasters. The tagline was “ Kiss me, I’m German.”

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and most inventive traps, we did not catch any leprechauns. The event, on the other hand, was a success, with record attendance and guests clamoring for more of the same next year.