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Here’s to change

Written By Jon Budington

August 13, 2018

We’ve been struggling with an identity problem for years. If I were to ask you to describe us to a friend or coworker, what would you say? Would you portray us as a printing company—a proficient manufacturer of books and direct mail? Would you describe us as engineers of experiential graphics—producing trade show booths, product packaging or any of that odd stuff that is printed but not called printing? Or would you be wholly confused by all of this print talk and instead describe us as a creative agency that builds websites or writes brand strategy? And let’s not forget those of you who subscribe to one of our SaaS products or data processing tools. What do you call all of this?

Most businesses begin with a simple idea. A well-defined need is identified; a business is launched with a product or service to address that need. But over time, as these needs change, successful businesses evolve, expanding their offerings and often becoming more complex and harder to define in the process. Rather than focus on the how and the what of these businesses, the value now lies in their why. In our case, the why has always been amplification—helping our clients promote their voice, their ideas, their value.

Global Printing was founded in 1979. I don’t believe many of our first employees could have imagined our present business model—that we would start the creative agency Global Thinking, or that we would build Platform to automate the process of using print and other marketing assets, and that this would be followed by the story content engine Mythos. Our evolution is directly linked to yours. All of our best ideas, technology and creativity are a reaction to your changing needs.

I have learned not to grow too comfortable with what I know, as we all have room to improve. Brands that do will endure. I call this thinking “business optimism”—our ability to embrace the change that will inevitably occur. I believe approaching the world optimistically, with the desire of making progress, has been our company’s single greatest achievement. It focuses all of our ideas and talents on helping you express your value better. This is our brand’s why, and it deserves a unifying identity.

With that in mind, I’m pleased to tell you that Global Printing and Global Thinking have consolidated under the single brand, More Vang.

More Vang you say? I know, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. The name is a metaphor. Specifically, the vang is a control line on a sailboat that helps shape the mainsail; more is needed as the weather builds. The name More Vang derives from a particularly harrowing sail I had on the Chesapeake Bay. But metaphorically, it’s about managing change. Everything that makes a brand valuable is subject to change, much like the weather. Our job is to help you navigate it.

I invite you to read what we’re thinking on our blog, or to schedule a time to meet with us in person. And as always, thank you for being a loyal customer.