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Creating an Identity for a Timeless Brand

Written By More Vang

October 26, 2018

After nearly 40 years, Hardwood Artisans had multiple retail locations and a reputation for high quality, customizable furniture. But most people didn’t know they existed. We helped them craft a powerful brand narrative around their commitment to quality. Introducing the “300-year Warranty” campaign.

That’s right, we go beyond lifetime. You get 300 years on a Hardwood Artisans piece, no matter what the future holds.

We extended the 300-Year Warranty to in-store signage, with six distinct messages surrounding the new incentive. We used direct mail and email for response for events, loyalty discounts, and seasonal promotions. When the campaign gained momentum, we placed an ad in the Washington Post as well. 

Suddenly, Hardwood Artisans had a unified brand campaign for the first time in its existence.

The results? A 62% increase in their average sales price and their single largest sales week ever.