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Creating a Valuable Onboarding Experience for New Members

Written By More Vang

December 3, 2020

IHS is a company that provides in-depth research and consumer data for nearly every industry around the world. Members subscribe to their services at different levels to assist corporate executives in their decision making and move their business forward.

For the automotive sector, we needed to introduce new clients to the breadth of their membership.

We wrapped all the information for new members into one simple Welcome Kit and stamped it with a call-to-action, asking them to take full advantage of their membership—Amplify Your Insights.

Inside, they were greeted with a multi-dimensional brochure that introduced a unique IHS advantage with every angled turn of the page. And under it all was the gift of a bluetooth speaker, a symbol of their new partnership and the many levels of power that would come with it.

The recipients were thrilled—sending compliments and thank you’s for all the brand’s help in starting their membership. And the other IHS sectors reached out, asking for similar kits for their members and digital copies for prospects online. Our work did more than bring insight to members; it shed light on industries around the globe.