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Converting pipe and drape into a branded space

Written By More Vang

February 5, 2020

In early 2019, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched CO—, an editorial website that provides insights and content aimed at helping businesses grow. Shortly after the launch, their team reached out to us for help in creating a traveling booth display and table that they could use at small business events nationwide. 

The set-up needed to be easy to transport and substantial enough to last for several years. They also wanted the display to include an interactive element, something that would engage participants and start a conversation. 

Together, we came up with an idea to have an event-specific question for attendees to respond to and then share their feedback. Using individual cut-out letters, the team can customize the prompt on the display. Attendees then add their thoughts on individual cards placed along the rail system under the question.

A small table (with a removable top for easy shipping) provides a perfect space to keep the conversation going. We fabricated the entire branded display from wood and acrylic for durability and dimension.

The idea paid off! The client said the display was a huge success and the attendees enjoyed the interactivity. As a bonus, CO— also got valuable, real-time feedback from their audience that they can use when developing new content for the site.