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Bringing New Meaning to “Auto” for VW’s Training Academy

Written By More Vang

September 25, 2018

As a giant in the automotive industry, it’s imperative that Volkswagen maintains a highly knowledgeable workforce for their Audi, VW and Ducati brands. To do this, they offer classes to thousands of new hires and current employees on subjects ranging from sales training to transmission repair. 

Before they joined forces with us, Volkswagen was manually creating customized event kits for hundreds of training sessions held across the country each year. That means coordinating the printing, assembly, and distribution materials themselves, by hand, for classes in different places, at different times, with different instructors, and different numbers of attendees. Ouch. 

Using Banjo, we were able to tap into their event management system and integrate their training schedule data to automate the whole process. Orders automatically print, assemble, and ship to classrooms and dealerships across the country based on the calendar data. Before the event begins. What was once done by hand is now done via the web. Quickly, efficiently, and worry-free.