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Brand Your Space With Experiential Graphics

Written By Lindsey Bankert

May 13, 2022

Historically, we’ve thought of experiential graphics as temporary: event signage, marketing centers to lease a space, construction fencing, advertising, etc. None of these are meant to stick around long term. Lately, however, we’ve seen a shift toward more permanent applications. 

More and more of our clients are using experiential graphics to create a lasting environmental experience in offices, restaurants, retail spaces, and museums. While each client has a unique “ask” and specific parameters we have to consider, they all want to customize their spaces in ways that align with their brand and values. With many offices opening back up and companies looking for ways to welcome employees back to an inviting space, we thought we’d share a few of our more recent experiential graphics projects that are here to stay.


We worked with CANVAS Architecture l Development on two different restaurants: Island Fin Poke Company and Greenbar. There were some similarities between the projects, but each had its own unique set of challenges. At Island Fin Poke Company, the wallscape was a cohesive “doodle-esque” design that went over multiple surfaces, including walls and doors, so it was critical that we aligned the graphic perfectly for a seamless look.

At Greenbar, we created a routed graphic of the Greenbar logo to hang near the counter. To ensure the logo was perfectly straight, we used clear tension clips on the back of each letter and a template to align the letters on the wire frame. In addition, we installed wall graphics and window/door graphics to advertise and welcome customers to the restaurant. Next up, we’re planning to install interchangeable menu boards. Since Greenbar updates their menu frequently, we’ll mount a rigid board base to the wall and add magnet menus. That way, each time the staff needs to change the menu, we’ll just print and deliver a new magnet, which will save them both production and installation costs. 


We’ve worked with organizations like D.C. United, Amazon, Jane Goodall Institute, Minkoff, LinkedIn and Forum One to brand their offices using various types of experiential graphics. LinkedIn’s Washington, DC office wanted to add an engaging infographic to illustrate their digital connection to the global economy. 

For D.C. United, we recently installed some graphics in one of their Field Suites for Fox Corporation. They have the suite for the entire season and wanted to customize it to their brand. So we added a full wallscape, featuring a collage of players and their logo, as well as a cutout dimensional logo on the wall near the refreshments.

When the Jane Goodall Institute relocated their offices to Washington, DC, we helped them showcase the animals and habitats they work hard to protect. To live up to JGI’s environmental mission, we used a material made of recycled plastic bottles. You can read more about this particular project here.

Forum One, a digital agency for mission-driven organizations, recently moved into a plain, run-of-the-mill office in Crystal City and wanted to bring some of their brand personality into the space. We installed experiential graphics throughout their office—from the front lobby “pop-off” logo, to custom wallpapered phone booths, to dusted vinyl for the conference room—to help them create a cohesive, on-brand design.

Our work for Amazon has spanned three locations and included everything from welcome floor graphics and themed entryways to employee of the month recognition walls. Each location wanted to create something unique to their employees while aligning to the brand and goals of the organization. Last but not least, we worked with Minkoff Development on the design, production, and installation of experiential graphics for their buildings in Avion Business Park. We leaned into their proximity to Dulles International Airport and the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum to create aviation-themed art for their café/micro-market and shared conference center.

These are just a few examples of permanent applications for experiential graphics. If you’re interested in giving your office a refresh, give us a shout. We’re happy to consult on budget, function, and design to help bring your brand to life.