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Crafts, Crayons, and Holiday Glee

Written By Lindsay Isler

December 19, 2019

The kids are sitting in a scattered circle on a green rug decorated with bugs and flowers when we walk in. They’re moving about with restlessness, eyes rapt with anticipation. After a few attempts to assemble (and calm) the kids, we eventually get everyone split amongst three stations–well, almost everyone; a few kids ricochet between tables like loose atoms. Two of the boys bend over their pipe cleaners and beads with the intense focus of (painters). Nearby, several others color pictures of gingerbread men with similar intent as crayons roll about and escape to the floor.

Over on the rug, four children have taken over the reading business and are positioned in front of the rest. They shout with excitement while pointing to pictures and words in their books, each captivated by the bright pages of a great story. 

After some holiday treats come the presents. Staring at the door and bouncing in their seats, the children wait to hear their names called. The room overflows with sounds of wrapping paper tearing, boxes ripping, and clamours of delight. One girl clutches her new mermaid Barbie to her chest protectively as the boy beside her jumps to his feet yelling “Lightning McQueen! Lightning McQueen!” and holds up his new race car for all to see. 

Bits of wrapping paper litter the floor, but this mess is beautiful. It reminds us that life is being lived. 

This is More Vang’s third year partnering with the Child and Family Network Centers to throw a holiday party for one of their several Alexandria classrooms. CFNC provides free preschool to local low-income families. They provide these children with the tools they need to succeed in school and in life so that they start elementary school on par with their classmates. If you would like to support CFNC’s mission by donating, click here

We wish you the happiest of holidays and hope it is filled with your own versions of creativity, color, good stories, and unfiltered joy. Cheers!